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Look out below!

Jared B. Aldridge captured disgusting video of a child puking while his two kids were on the “Evolution Ride” at a state fair in Texas on Monday.

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“I can’t believe I actually got this on video my 2 oldest were on that and luckily missed the flying shrapnel,” Aldridge wrote on Facebook.

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About 20 seconds into the video, it switches over to slow motion footage, allowing us to see the light brown-colored vomit fly into the air.

Many people commented on the gross video. One person wrote, “That’s disgustingly awesome!!!” Another wrote, “Oh my goodness that’s awful! I’m glad I decided to stay home! I would have started a chain reaction! That’s epic.”

Well, we’re not sure if we’re nauseous from the spinning motion of the ride or because of the gross moment we just watched.

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