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Warning: This video contains language that some might find offensive.

In a video recently uploaded to YouTube, a naked man who was allegedly high on bath salts had quite the encounter with Austin, Texas law enforcement officials after he caused a disturbance in the neighborhood.

According to the video uploader, the man attacked his mail man and ate his mail before he could make it outside.

“Worst part is, my 1099 was in there,” the uploader writes in the YouTube description. “Now, I have to tell the IRS that a man ate it.”

While the cops detaining him were waiting for EMS to arrive, the messed up guy spouted ridiculous phrase after ridiculous phrase such as “What is the prime number?”, “I’m a rapist. I’m a full-on rapist,” and “Am I Merlin? Am I Merlin?”

As he says himself, “pink’s a hell of a drug.”

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