This is a very cool public service announcement. Road rage is a real problem, and this announcement shows why you should think carefully before getting out of your car in a fit of anger.

There are an infinite number of reasons why road rage is a bad idea. It can only cause trouble for you and every other driver on the road around you. If you stop to get in a fight you’re going to be late getting home for dinner.  And who is the person you’re picking a fight with? What if the guy you were yelling and screaming at happened to the former heavyweight champion of the world, like Evander Holyfield? Oops. This video is pretty funny, but it also makes a strong point.

Here’s an opportunity to think about road rage in a new and different way. In a brilliant casting move, someone who may know a thing or two about rage brings the point home. This compelling public service announcement introduces the possibility that the person in the other car is former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield. Chances are that fight will not end well for you.

A hot-tempered motorist forces Holyfield off the road while cursing and threatening. Holyfield emerges. The motorist backs away, mumbling, “I didn’t know it was you.”

Be careful and patient on the road. You never know who you might be aggravating. Holyfield officially retired in 2014 but chances are he’s still stronger than you.

Another thing to remember before you try to do something crazy just because somebody cuts you off: he or she could be carrying a handgun. You don’t want to go there!

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