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Many Americans wind down to enjoy Thanksgiving meals with their friends and family, and the Clintons are no exception.

Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, husband and former president Bill, daughter Chelsea, and grandson Aiden were spotted inside of the Chappaqua Village Market on Wednesday afternoon.

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Hillary posed for some pictures with her fellow shoppers, including Brittany Valente and Isaiah Frankel:

Ran into Hill and Bill at the local market. Met their grandson Aiden, cutest little guy ever. #hillaryclinton

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Valente said that the Clintons “were so relaxed and shopping for Thanksgiving dinner at the local village market.” She also said that “They were so nice talking to everyone, wishing them happy holidays and at one point Hillary said ‘We must stay strong together no matter what. Thank you for your support.'”

Me and my girl

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Grocery store owner Vinny Milazzo said that the Clintons have been regulars since 1998.

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