Hit-and-run doesn’t normally work this way.

A Wisconsin man who hit into a deer while driving along in Adams County, called 911 to report the accident and put the presumed dead animal in the trunk of his car while waiting for the police to arrive, was in for a big surprise last Thursday.

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Deputy Brian Loewenhagen responded to the scene and walked over to the vehicle.

“Just leave her, I’ll put her down. Just step away from her … uh, or … well, are you OK, or? There she goes!” he said, marveling at the resilient creature.

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The Adams County Sheriff’s Office had a bit of fun with this on Facebook.

“The deer refused to give a statement and ran into the woods,” the sheriff’s office wrote.

Later, authorities posted dash cam video of the incident, which you can watch above.

The police also added a humorous footnote to all of this:

You may remember our Deputy Brian Loewenhagen from previous posts. He was the Deputy who arrested the Intoxicated driver with the beer battered fish fry excuse.

In case you missed that story, Deputy Loewenhagen pulled over 76-year-old John Przybyla after seeing some erratic driving. Przybyla infamously explained that too much beer battered fish got him obliterated.

The result? His tenth conviction for operation while intoxicated.

Never change, Wisconsin. Never change.

(H/t NY Post)

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