It’s important to remember that on an every day basis, police officers have to deal with potentially life threatening situations that can arise in the blink of an eye! Remember that as you watch this video and see how calmly Glendale Officer Josh Hilling reacts when this man pulls a knife on him.

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The officer found Javier Pablo Aleman walking on the side of an Ohio highway when he pulled over to question him as walking on the side of an interstate is illegal. The man says he’s walking from Dayton, Ohio and seems to cooperate until he’s asked to put his hands on Hillman’s vehicle so Hillman can search him.

Aleman then pulls out a knife and begins advancing on Hillman while screaming, “Kill me!”, at the officer. Hillman maintains his professional demeanor and backs away until he has no choice but to shoot Aleman in the abdomen once. He then orders Aleman on the ground until backup can arrive.

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It’s been confirmed that no charges will be brought against Hillman, and rightfully so as he clearly maintained his wits and demeanor and did exactly as he was trained to do. In the wake of so many videos showing the worst of police, it’s important to see great and brave police maintaining the standards we’ve all come to respect and appreciate from them.

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