Warning: Graphic video

Disturbing video shows a mother horribly slapping her baby in the head after they allegedly wouldn’t stop crying.

An 8-year-old girl apparently saw the act occur and filmed Aygul Kozhabaevna, the mother and migrant worker, beating her child on the couch, The Mirror reported. The girl who filmed it was also Kozhabaevna’s friend’s daughter.

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In the 57-second video, you can hear the woman softly speak to her child then see her hit her baby in the face a couple times. The more the baby cried, the more the woman continued to slap. In all, the mother reportedly slapped her child 42 times.

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According to The Mirror, the video which was recently uploaded online is believed to have happened in August and to have occurred in Almaty, a city in Kazakhstan.

Police are investigating and searching for the woman.

The number of times a mother allegedly slapped her child after they wouldn’t stop crying is truly disturbing The Mirror/Screenshot
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