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I guess lions don’t know that water — depending on where you are — is the domain of the crocodile.

This lion got quite a scare while taking a quick dip.  He was just trying to make his way across the pond when Mr. Crocodile came out of nowhere and attacked. Lucky for him, the lion made a quick getaway.

Normally crocs snack on fish, but they will generally make a pass at anything that moves across their paths. Lions aren’t normally afraid of crocodiles, but in this situation the lion was in the wrong place at the wrong time. A crocodile might not win in a fair fight, but this lion was definitely on the crocodile’s turf. Luckily this lion realized what was going on and was able to quickly swim away.

Who might win in a different fight? A recent study used a very expensive, very durable, waterproof bathroom scale padded with leather to compare the bite force of various species. The study shows saltwater crocodiles can slam their jaws shut with 3,700 pounds per square inch (psi) of bite force. In comparison, lions generate around 1,000. Lowly human jaws have 150 to 200 psi.  A fully grown Nile Crocodile can outweigh a mature lion, and a human that weighed as much probably wouldn’t be very agile.  In conclusion, if you’re a human, don’t try to fight a lion or a crocodile.