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Judge John McBain has no tolerance for unruly whippersnappers in his courtroom, and this footage pretty much proves it.

The Jackson County circuit judge was hearing a case against Jackson, Mich., native Jacob Larson, who was accused of stalking a high school classmate, sending her 22 Facebook messages. This was a violation of a personal protection order McBain signed back in 2015 against Larson after he would visit the woman at work and send her flowers despite warnings from her managers and police officers to stay away from her.

As the banter in the courtroom between McBain and Larson heated up, McBain made it clear that Larson was to stay away from the woman, while Larson argued that she was “instigating it.”

Larson then accused McBain and the plaintiff of being “buddy buddy.” McBain admitted that the woman and his daughter were familiar but said he did not know her personally.

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When Larson became more and more disrespectful towards McBain, a three-day sentence in county jail escalated into a year.

As officer Jared Schultz attempted to lead Larson out of the courtroom, Larson resisted, which resulted in a scuffle between the two men. McBain then came down from the bench and helped Schulz bring Larson to the ground, while yelling for Schultz to “Tase his ass!” Schultz did unholster his Taser but never used it.

This is the first time that McBain has had to use physical force to restrain someone in his courtroom.

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