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Personally, I don’t let people steal parking spots from me anymore. I waste zero time claiming an open spot.

This kind of thing happens all of the time: you’ve been circling the parking lot for a while, following shoppers through the parking lot as they approach their vehicle, hoping to claim the space as soon as they vacate it. Then this happens.  You’re pulling in to a parking spot when all of a sudden, some jerk pretends not to notice you and grabs your hard-earned spot. You hear a lot these days about road rage but sometimes parking lot rage is even worse.

Some people prefer to line up and reverse in. This woman does just that, but maybe takes a moment or two longer than needed. Should that excuse the second driver in the teeny tiny white car who tries to bird dog her spot? Instead of cursing and driving off, the resourceful reverser utilizes her car’s features to take the upper hand!

This women does not let the intruder get her down.  She backs in anyway, even though there is barely enough room.  She lowers the hood of her red convertible and climbs out over the back of her car. It remains to be seen what will happen when it’s time for everyone to leave.

Does it seem odd to you that all of this was captured on video?  Do you ever stand around in a parking lot with a video camera waiting for something like this to happen? Just asking.

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