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A felony suspect tried to make a run from police, but her clothes did her in.

WSB-TV received dashcam video of the suspect running from a car. Her pants eventually fall down, and then, so does she.

A Norcross, Georgia, police officer pulled over a Toyota Camry this week after running its plates and discovering its owner was wanted on several charges.

Police said driver Dayana Maldonado then took off.

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The chase was on until Maldonado pulled into a bus maintenance yard at the end of a dead end street and tried to run. Her pants dropped and she fell to the ground — not once, but twice.

That allowed for officers to catch up and take her into custody.

“Can you pull up my pants please, sir,” Maldonado said in the video. “This is so embarrassing.”

Police said Maldonado was wanted on several felony probation violations, including burglary. She now faces several additional charges as well.

Maldonado remains in jail as of Friday afternoon, held without bond.