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Photographer Brent Bielmann had his camera ready when an enormous seal likely a California harbor seal climbed aboard a companion’s boat to beg for a fish as their group boated near Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, last week.

Instead of a kiss from a rose, this seal wants a fish from a boat.

The enormous seal, which is visibly weighing down the back of the boat, is staring attentively at a fish in the hands of one of Bielmann’s companions.

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Just saying: When a seal this big asks for something, it usually gets it.

We caught this guy ridin dirty a few weeks back in Cabo! #biggie 🐟

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Such seals can grow to be hundreds of pounds and, while once threatened with extinction, are now relatively common. Cabo San Lucas is a popular spot for them, even if the seal population and visiting fisherman don’t always get along.

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