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A Wisconsin police officer is lucky to be alive after narrowly escaping a horrific crash on the highway.

Hudson police officer Hilary Lundberg was assisting a motorist on the road who had a flat tire on the I-94 bridge. As she proceeded to make her way back to her police cruiser, she saw an oncoming pickup truck speeding right toward her car.

Video shows Lundberg backing away from her police cruiser, when seconds later a pickup truck slams right into it, crashing into the barrier in the middle of the road on Monday. The 31-year-old pickup driver of St. Paul, named Derik Sands, suffered minor injuries, and the officer was uninjured.

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Hudson WI Police Department uploaded a photo of the wrecked Ford Taurus police cruiser on Facebook warning people to “slow down and move over.”

According to KFOR, the empty police cruiser had it’s emergency lights on and was parked in the left lane before it was hit. The car reportedly flew across four lanes of traffic before coming to a complete stop by crashing into a concrete railing.

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Hudson Police Chief Marty Jensen told KARE 11, “I am just thankful my officer is alive and not injured.”

Minnesota State Patrol is investigating.

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