In a wild video out of Lewiston, Idaho, a police officer who had a driver open the trunk during a traffic stop found a wanted fugitive hiding out in the back of the vehicle.

Video from KBOI shows a Lewiston police officer stopping a car because it had no license plate.

Moments later, the trunk was popped and we had ourselves a situation. Jesse Harrell, a 22-year-old fugitive who was hiding out in his mom’s car, tried to catch an officer by surprise.

It didn’t work.

The officer wrestled him right to the ground.

According to KBOI, Harrell possessed something that appeared to be a gun that was later said to be a toy by his mother. Harrell also had brass knuckles in his pocket.

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Police are just happy a bad situation didn’t turn deadly.

“There’s only split second to deal with that threat. That officer could have used deadly force,” Lewiston Police chief Chris Ankeny said.

“Our officer used great amount of restraint in taking the suspect into custody,” he added.

It’s worth mentioning that the lone officer was fortunate no one in the car had a firearm. Notice that the driver, Harrell’s mother, gets out of the vehicle once the officer’s struggle with her son starts.

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While Harrell was arrested on warrants for failing to appear in court, the mother was also arrested for obstructing justice, as she failed to disclose the whereabouts of her son.

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