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“Serves you right!” must have been the war cry of every driver on this bridge along with the Honda in question. The driver tries to effect a quick pass but fails miserably and the car ends up spun out on an icy bridge. They should consider themselves lucky they didn’t run into anyone else!

How many times have you seen this sign: “Bridge Freezes Before Road”? Sometimes you even see them in areas that don’t get much winter weather. That’s because it’s true, and a real danger.

Bridge are exposed to air on all of its surfaces. while normal road surfaces only get cold.  The heat underneath the road keeps it warm enough to prevent icing, but a bridge doesn’t benefit from that when the temperature drops. A frozen bridge will take you by surprise when you’re driving at full speed. Once you start spinning it’s hard to recover and it’s pretty likely that you’ll run into anyone who happens to be there. This is how those twenty-car pileups get started.

This is what they call “black ice.”  Unlike ice associated with snowfall, ice from freezing rain looks exactly like an innocent wet road. And here’s an odd fact: ice is more slippery right at the freezing point than it is at much colder temperatures.  Who knew?

In general, don’t be arrogant when you’re driving, particularly in the winter. You won’t get there any faster if you have to stop and talk to a policeman or wait for a wrecker.

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