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Was there a “new driver” sticker on the back of the C5?  Were these fellows so tired of their families after Thanksgiving dinner that they just had to go out and crash something?

This amazing dash cam footage is of a Chevy Corvette C5 and a Corvette C6 waiting for the light to turn to take each other on in a suburb outside of Houston, Texas.

The C5 ends up spinning and can’t maintain its lane, so it crosses into the C6.

This seems like a pretty weak attempt at racing. We can’t really see the damage but we can imagine it. We hear that these two were charged with illegal racing on the highway and may have faced fines and imprisonment. One of the drivers didn’t even have a valid license.  Police said they originally thought it was an accident but then someone showed them the video.

Illegal street racing is a big problem in Texas. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office recently used A C7 ‘Vette owned by an officer in a sting aimed at fighting the illegal racing phenomenons. in the country. Officers are cracking down on those who endanger innocent persons for thrills. Under the Texas Penal Code, illegal street racers can face jail time of up to 180 days, a fine of up to $2,000, or both. Repeat offenders can lose their licenses and face steeper fines and longer jail times.