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Police are investigating after receiving video of what looks like a Fort Worth, Texas police officer pepper-spraying motorcyclists as they passed by, Star-Telegram reports.

Cpl. Tracey Knight, a spokeswoman for the Fort Worth Police Department, said they received a link of the video by email Monday morning. The video was then sent to the internal affairs unit.

The video shows a Forth Worth police officer stopped behind a red pickup truck on the side of the highway. Just as a bunch of motorcyclists pass by, the officer gets out of the car with what looks like a can of pepper spray in his right hand and starts spraying it at them.

Chase Stone uploaded video to his Facebook page and said he believes the officer sprayed it on purpose, hoping to cause an accident.

“Law enforcement is here to protect and serve, not intentionally try to harm others,” Stone wrote on his Facebook post. “…***THIS WAS BEYOND DANGEROUS***.”

Knight told Star-Telegram the police department is working to identify the officer and track down witnesses.

“The Fort Worth Police Department takes any complaint of officer misconduct very seriously and this incident will be investigated thoroughly,” Knight told Star-Telegram. “If anyone has information they are asked to please contact the police.”

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