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Now that electing celebrities isn’t entirely out of the realm of possibilities, there’s a new ticket to watch out for in 2020. After his meeting with the President-elect, Kanye West might have decided to move his presidential run to 2024, but that’s not stopping Charlie Sheen from trying to oust Donald Trump at the end of his first term — and he’s asked a familiar face for help.

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“C’mon, , in 4 years we can unseat this guy!!,” Sheen tweeted on Friday, tagging Republican runner-up Ted Cruz. “You bring the AWESOME, I’ll bring the WINNING!!”

He added the hashtag #SheenCruz2020 as well as a picture of the two in front of the American flag.

Cruz was quick to response, tweeting back, “Glad to see embracing conservative principles, but Americans just rejected another political dynasty,” along with a picture of Martin Sheen from “The West Wing.”

Though Cruz declined the offer, Sheen’s behavior during the past few days certainly suggests that he’s dead-set on taking down The Donald (no pun intended), even begging God to make Trump the next celebrity death.

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