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While smoking cigarettes is undeniably bad for your health, it should’t lead to murder. Country singer Wayne Mills was murdered in Nashville, Tennessee on Saturday, in an argument that started over smoking indoors.

The burly singer was puffing away in a non-smoking section of the Pit and Barrel, around 5am.

The bar’s owner, Chris Ferrell, was allegedly friends with the popular singer. According to witnesses, the argument escalated after Mills refused to to extinguish his cigarette. In the Nashville area, Mills had a popular following along the college and bar circuit, with his band the Wayne Mills Band.

After hearing a shot ring out, witnesses returned to the bar where they found Mills dead. Mills had been shot once in the head. Following the incident, Ferrell claimed to police that he viewed Mills as a threat, and was only acting in self-defense.

Following his death, fans took to Twitter to remember the country outlaw.