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Vine personality Mikaela Long is known for posting funny videos, but a recent post that has gone viral captured a spooky moment.

Long tweeted on Oct. 8 that she was babysitting her niece for the first time, and that she wasn’t sure what to do when she saw via the baby monitor that her niece was sleeping while standing on her head. She captured a screengrab of the baby monitor image and posted it with her tweet.

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Long asked her followers, “Do I call the parents, or the exorcist?”

One commenter said it looked like a scene from the movie “Paranormal Activity.”

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The baby and Long survived the night. The baby’s mother told BuzzFeed that the baby had been caught sleeping like that before. While the mother isn’t sure how the baby gets herself in that position, she says she usually settles down into a more normal sleeping position. The mother said that the unusual sleeping pose was not dangerous.

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