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Ikaika Erik Kang, an active duty soldier in the US Army, was stationed in Hawaii when he was arrested for having ties to ISIS. Now, a damning picture has been released to the public.

The FBI shared a picture of Kang with an ISIS flag. He’s seen kissing the cloth while pledging allegiance to the terror organization:

(FBI/U.S Attorney’s Office, District of Hawaii via AP)

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According to a former bunk mate, Kang was vocal about his beliefs. He believed that the 9/11 terrorist attack was an “inside job” as well as other conspiracy beliefs.

He is also accused of attempting to deliver military documents and training to ISIS fighters.

Despite making pro-ISIS comments as early as 2011, Kang was allowed to continue in the military.

Kang was a member of the 25th Infantry Division. He was stationed at Schofield Barracks in Honolulu at the time of his arrest.

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