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Three Seattle teens thought they would be able to steal Nancy Fredrickson’s car with no problems. But the jackers ran into more than a small setback when they quickly realized that none of them knew how to drive stick.

“I got a five speed in there,” the 70-year-old woman said. “They couldn’t figure out how to get it going.”

The would-be car thieves approached Fredrickson and demanded the keys to her KIA. She dropped them after one of the teens held a gun inches away from her face.

“It’s not every day you get a gun stuck in your face,” Fredrickson said.

After trying and failing to start the car, the teens ran across to an adjoing parking lot. Fredrickson immediately called 911 and police were able to gather DNA as well as fiber evidence from the vehicle.

Fredrickson, who lives in an elderly neighborhood, is just happy that she was able to avoid a life-threatening ordeal.

“It was quite an interesting day,” she said. “Let’s put it that way.”


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