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Federal agents will seize $50,000 from former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle as part of a plea deal, reports TMZ.

Fogle was sentenced to prison for 15 years after it was discovered that he engaged in sex acts with minors and was in possession of child pornography. In addition to the $50,000, Fogle also paid $1 million in restitution in 2015 to 10 of his 14 victims.

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Fogle’s ex-wife, Kathleen McLaughlin, alleged in a lawsuit that Subway was aware of Fogle’s actions long before they became publicized, and decided to work with him anyway. Subway is currently fighting to have the charges dismissed.

Details of Fogle’s crimes first came to light in August 2015. Since that time, there has certainly been no limit to the disturbing nature of his actions.

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