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A Fort Myers, Fla., woman dubbed the “Beef Thief” by local media has been arrested for, well, probably what you’re thinking.

Janice Wagoner, 38, was arrested by Lee County police after someone recognized a surveillance camera photo of her from a Winn-Dixie store off Palm Beach Boulevard.

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Police say Wagoner pulled off four consecutive meat thefts from the store that were worth over $1,000 in total. NBC6 Miami says the first of those, a theft worth over $600, took place on May 3.

Wagoner, a convicted felon who was already on probation, faces three counts of petit theft, one count of grand theft, one count of violation of probation, and one count of drug possession without a prescription. She has a record dating back to 2001, with charges for armed robbery, hit and run, theft, fleeing and eluding officers, and more.

She is being held without bond.

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