Warning: This post contains graphic photos.

These photos are not for the faint of heart. But for those who couldn’t believe the horrific crime in which Austin Harrouff allegedly attacked a couple and then chewed the flesh off the man’s face, these new crime-scene photos taken moments afterward are plenty revealing about the gruesome nature of the attack.

The photos were released by Florida state prosecutors along with court documents which went into detail about what happened on that night. Harrouff allegedly attacked at random John Stevens, 59, and his 53-year-old wife Michelle Mishcon, beating and stabbing them outside their home in Jupiter, Fla., on August 15.

The photos below of the Florida State student bloodied and in handcuffs are graphic.

Surprisingly, the toxicology report revealed that Harrouff, 19, did not have hallucinogenic drugs in his system at the time of the attacks. He had only a trace of marijuana. Martin County Sheriff William Snyder had previously speculated that he was synthetic drugs linked to a host of disturbing side effects such as paranoia, dark visions and periods of super-human strength.

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However, he was hospitalized for two months after the murders because of a burned esophagus. Harrouff might have ingested chemicals found in the couple’s garage. Nellie King, Harrouff’s attorney, said on Wednesday that her client is mentally ill.

There’s no doubt the young man was acting strangely. His sister, Haley, played for detectives an audiotape of Harrouff saying, “All this pain and sorrow because I solve all problems people have” and “I’ve become almost immortal, I have to die one day.”

Harrouff’s friend Samuel Polacek provided chilling information, saying that Harrouff showed up at his door, asked him his birthdate and then left. He then returned and the two went to the beach. On the drive, Polacek claims Harrouff said he was half-animal, half-human.

Shocking crime-scene photos emerge of bloody “cannibal frat boy” after double murder Photo of Austin Harrouff. via Palm Beach Post