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Police have arrested Jermaine Ramirez, 25, and say he’s the “man behind the mask” as well as a terrifying burglary and home invasion in Belleville, New Jersey last week.

Ramirez allegedly entered a home in Belleville through the side door, slid into a room where a mother and two children were sleeping, stood over them, grabbed the mother and attempted to drag her from the bedroom with his hand covering her mouth.

But it woke up one of the sleeping children, a six-year-old boy, who ran out of the room to get his grandmother.

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The masked bandit fled, but left behind something, police say: a water bottle. They say that bottle contained DNA evidence that, paired with surveillance camera footage of him in a nearly identical outfit near his home in Newark, led authorities right to him.

Police also say the masked sketch of the culprit was helpful in identifying Ramirez.

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