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FORT MYERS, Fla. – A Florida man was arrested on Wednesday after deputies said he robbed a car salesman at gunpoint and texted him about 45 minutes later with an apology.

Romelson Faustin, 20, entered a Fort Myers-area car dealership on Wednesday with another man and held a gun at one of the salesmen, demanding his money, WINK reports. The salesman, Anthony Spinella, said he was familiar with Faustin, as he had been making payments toward a car with the dealership since September.

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Spinella told WINK that after being robbed by Faustin, he received a text from the 20-year-old that said “Bro, I was on Mollies, I’m sorry.”

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“He just said give me the money that’s in your pockets,” Spinella said. “So then he texted me about an hour — 45 minutes later.”

Deputies said the man with Faustin got away with $400 in cash and was not in the car when authorities arrested Faustin later on Wednesday. He now faces felony charges of robbery with a firearm and possession of cocaine.