Donald Trump and Sean Spicer blasted Buzzfeed and the “fake news” dossier that is being reported by a number of news agencies during a press conference on Wednesday morning.

Spicer, who opened the press conference for Trump, called the site a “left wing blog.” Spicer also claimed that CNN, “ran with the report.” However, that’s not entirely correct, CNN only reported that Trump and President Obama were briefed by the intelligence communities about the report.

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Throughout the Buzzfeed article, the authors continuously stated that the dossier has dubious origins and said that it was possibly “unverifiable.” As White House press secretary, it will be Spicer’s job to speak with the press on a daily basis. He has said before that a Trump White House will hold press conferences in a completely different manner, suggesting that smaller news organizations might have a larger role in the future of White House reporting.

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Spicer re-iterated that the news is not an “intelligence report” and Trump dismissed them and said that it’s a disgrace that the intelligence communities allowed the dossiers to be released. While Buzzfeed was the first to release the dossier, it has been floating around in DC circles for a few months and Trump praised news organizations for not releasing the dossier.

Donald Trump and Sean Spicer blast Buzzfeed and “fake news” report Twitter/CNN
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