Donald Trump wrote on Facebook a few hours ago, sending his “thoughts and prayers” to those involved in the stabbing that took place at Ohio State this morning. When the nation first learned of the situation, there were warnings of an “active shooter.” However, we have since learned that there were no guns involved in the incident other than the one that a police officer used to bring down the suspect. Several victims have been hospitalized with stab wounds, but there are no fatalities, with the exception of the attacker. Officials at Ohio State recently announced that the suspect was of Somali descent but said they have no indication what his motive may have been.

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The president-elect praised the first responders, who he says “reacted immediately and eliminated the threat on campus.” Throughout Trump’s campaign, he praised police officers and first responders and spoke highly of public servants. Each time he was endorsed by a police department or union, he championed their endorsement. Facebook has not been the president-elect’s favorite social media platform — he has generally made all his announcements on Twitter.

Donald Trump sends “thoughts and prayers” to Ohio State students, praises first responders (AP Photo/Molly Riley)
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