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President Barack Obama’s Kenyan-born half brother Malik has accepted Donald Trump’s invitation to attend the third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas Wednesday night.

“I look very much forward to meeting and being with Malik,” Trump said. “He gets it far better than his brother.”

Malik, an American citizen who lives in both Washington, D.C., and Kenya, has been vocal about his somewhat strained relationship with President Obama and has been openly critical of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, particularly over her handling of the unrest in Libya as Secretary of State.

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“I’m excited to be at the debate. Trump can make America great again,” Malik told The New York Post, before adding that he pays no credence to the claims that Trump groped women without permission.

“I don’t believe them,” Malik said. “Why didn’t they come forward before?”

Malik, who founded the Barack H. Obama Foundation in honor of his and the president’s father, claims that it could’ve done more to help his native village of Kogelo, Kenya, “if I had gotten the support I should have gotten from my brother.”

He also unfondly recalled the last time he saw President Obama during a trip to the White in August 2015.

“I went to the White House to say hello. I paid a courtesy call. As usual, it was a hands-off kind of thing, very businesslike, very formal.”

While Malik Obama will enjoy VIP section seats on the Trump side of the University of Nevada Las Vegas venue, billionaire Mark Cuban is expected to make an appearance on the Clinton side.

Richard Thompson is an associate editor at Rare. Follow him on Twitter @RThompson_91 

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