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Public education in the U.S. has been called expensive, unequal and mediocre. In Detroit, it is said only 25 percent of students get an “adequate education.”

Many say education would improve if students had better parents or teachers.

There’s no quick fix to creating better parents, but it seems like it would be possible to hire better teachers.

For about 40 years, a school system in the Detroit area gave hiring preference to women, minorities and, somewhat shockingly, “non-Christians.”

Are non-Christians better teachers? The Internet is all-knowing, but I couldn’t find any studies that suggest such a thing.

The school system said the “non-Christian” provision was inserted in the 1970s, but doesn’t know why.

The Ferndale school board and teachers union quickly agreed to remove the language after a reporter pointed it out to them.

The state board of education may investigate how this happened.

I was educated in public schools, and I think my teachers did a fine job, though they may disagree. I thought my teachers had been hired simply because they were deemed the best at teaching.

My education continues.

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