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A 42-year-old man in his underwear with blood on his hands who was seen outside of a Norwalk, Calif., Chuck E. Cheese’s location acting erratically on Saturday night collapsed and died in front of families.


According to NBC Los Angeles, the man lost consciousness when being taken into custody by sheriff’s deputies. The authorities took over for two passersby who attempted to restrain the man outside of the family restaurant.

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The man was reportedly trying to get into the occupied cars of strangers and at one point jumped into the flatbed of a truck.


The passersby leapt into action when the man entered the Chuck E. Cheese’s location bleeding and wearing only a shirt and underwear.

The man, who was identified as 42-year-old Victor Flores Jr., was declared dead at the hospital after responding police officers attempted to revive him through CPR.

Chuck E. Cheese’s patrons were detained at the scene for hours as a result of the horrifying incident.

It was then that the passersby noticed the man’s erratic behavior and detained him, Alexander said.

It’s not certain at this time what caused the man’s behavior or death.

A witness told ABC 7 that at least 300 people witnessed the disturbing scene.


“I saw the cops bringing him out […] he was bleeding, I think from the right side of his leg. An individual said he got shot,” one witness said.

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It’s not immediately clear if that witness account about a gunshot wound was accurate.

Additional details should emerge when the results of the autopsy are released to the public.

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