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FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. — A Florida man was arrested Friday after police said he ran a stop sign and blamed the incident on a fly going into his mouth.

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Marquise Tishawn Mercer, 33, was driving in Fort Walton Beach when he was observed running a stop sign, the Northwest Florida Daily News reports. Police said they pulled him over and he told them “a fly or something flew into my mouth and that’s why I didn’t stop.”

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Mercer did not have any identification and gave the officer a false name that didn’t match any records, so he was taken into custody, police said. Mercer gave another false name at the police station, but finally revealed his true identity and told the officers that he didn’t give his real name at first because he had a “(expletive) warrant out of Crestview and I didn’t want to go back.”

Mercer did have an active warrant out of Okaloosa County that was linked to another traffic incident, the Daily News reports. He was arrested and charged with giving a false name and being a habitual traffic offender.

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