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Carlos Rodriguez of Miami, Fla., was arrested Monday on one count of first-degree arson and two counts of attempted felony murder after he set his mattress on fire while two people were still in the duplex next door.

But it’s the 31-year-old’s grossly misshapen head that’s been getting everyone’s attention.

Rodriguez, who also goes by the name “Halfy,” lost half of his skull while he was driving stoned, allegedly flying through his car’s front window and smashing his head on a pole. He briefly describes the accident in a YouTube video back in 2012.

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In the arrest report for the mattress incident, it states that Rodriguez purposely started the blaze, “posing an immediate threat to the lives and safety of the occupants.” His public defender asked that Rodriguez’s bond hearing be moved from Tuesday to Wednesday, claiming that he could potentially have “mental issues.”

In 2010, Rodriguez was arrested for soliciting a prostitute, and his mugshot from that arrest later made the internet rounds.

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