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Warning: the video you are about to see is graphic.

Video of a fatal police shooting in Huntington Beach, California, posted around 9:30 a.m. Friday shows an officer firing his weapon seven times at a man outside of a 7-Eleven.

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That man later died at the hospital.

Video posted on Twitter by @Cali_Funk1 showed how the incident unfolded in graphic detail.

KTLA reported that the Huntington Beach Police Department said through a spokeswoman that the unidentified officer and the deceased man had “got[ten] into an altercation,” that one witness said the man “hit” the officer and another said he “tried to throw a punch.”

Although it hasn’t been confirmed by Huntington Beach Police Chief Robert Handy, witnesses reported that the deceased appeared to take a “magazine clip” — their terminology, not ours — from the officer’s belt during a struggle.

The officer did have a body camera, but it’s not known if it was on at the time of the shooting.

Locals were conflicted about the justification of the shooting.

While Brandon Dehaas described the man as “coming up from the ground in an aggressive stance, turning, raising something” and said he “would have fired too because I’m going home to my wife and kids,” another said officers need to be re-trained.

“The way I feel — these officers are not being trained right. And they don’t value human life because if they valued human life, they would not jump and be so trigger-happy,” Marie Sales said.

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The office has been placed on administrative leave.

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