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In response to Donald Trump’s recent tweet calling for harsh punishments for flag burning, a group of hard-left activists burned several United States flags outside of the Trump International Hotel in New York on Tuesday night.

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The protest involved members of the Revolutionary Community Party, a group that is working toward “the building of a new society, a socialist society, aiming for the final goal of a communist world, where human beings everywhere would be free of relations of exploitation and oppression and destructive antagonistic conflicts, and could be fit caretakers of the earth.” Members of the party also participated in flag burning at the Republican National Convention in July.

“Just burned US flag at Trump Hotel NYC. We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America! Now your turn: #FlagBurningChallenge,” one member, Sunsara Taylor, tweeted along with a video of two people burning flags.

Videos and pictures from the participators spread across Twitter, with many encouraging people to join in on what they called the #FlagBurningChallenge.

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Prominent politicians, including many in Trump’s own party, have expressed their disagreement with Trump’s suggestion, while still wondering why anyone would choose to exercise their First Amendment right by burning a flag that represents freedom. Taylor offered her reasoning via Twitter, saying that the flag means something different to her.

“I burned the flag because it represents slavery, genocide, mass incarceration, death squads in Guatemala, drone strikes on weddings in Yemen,” she wrote.

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