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Mohammed Shaker is a rock star. He served his country with honor and hasn’t stopped being of service since. The military was only the beginning.

Shaker has taken his love of liberty and has turned it into a political passion. At Saturday’s Rare Under 40 Awards, Shaker told the audience he hopes to reduce the size of government.

Shaker, who comes from a conservative Muslim family, jokingly told the audience how he had to sneak away his Social Security card to enlist in the Army so his parents wouldn’t find out.

He’s come a long way since then.

“I love America because of how diverse it is. I saw that first-hand in the Army,” Shaker told Rare in September. “Sitting on a C-130 where an Arab-American Muslim is about to dangerously jump from an airplane with his Spaniard-Jewish friend, black, Hispanic, and white Christian friends.”

For Shaker, his military experience showed him what it meant to be an American. He now hopes his unique perspective will help him do some more good for the nation.

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