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Several Utah high school students were given a strange demand from school administrators before an annual dance.

KUTV reports Gabi Finlayson was one of the four Lone Peak High students asked to cover her shoulders at the school’s Preference Dance.

The staffer said,””Would you mind putting on a shawl?” I didn’t want to make a big scene so I said, yes. I had a coat in the car so I had to go back and get it,” Finlayson recalled to KUTV.

Finlayson picked up the dress while in Paris. She told KUTV the dress reminded her of her idol, the late actress Audrey Hepburn. She said she was insulted and embarrassed by the request that left her wearing a winter coat for the rest of the night.

The school’s dress code stipulates that backless dresses can’t extend beyond the top of the shoulder blades and that all straps must be at least two inches wide, according to the KUTV report.

Finlayson’s mother is angry, however, telling KUTV it sends the wrong message to girls.

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