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Former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton made an appearance with husband and former President Bill Clinton on Christmas Eve.

The couple attended church services at the United Methodist Church of Mount Kisco in New York. “This is a blessing in our lives, this night every year in this church,” said the former president.

The church is close to their New York home and Clintons have worshiped with the congregation for a decade. The couple arrived about 20 minutes before the 11 p.m. service. They exchanged season’s greetings with the 70 or so fellow attendees.

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Pastors Parker Prout and Ross Porter of the church said that the Clintons were humble members. “They don’t like to be the center of attention at the church,” said Prout. “They come here to worship like everyone else. They are friends.”

“We finish with a candle-light service,” Porter reported.

The former Secretary of State has made few appearances since the election. “Saturday Night Live” even went on a Bigfoot-style parody hunt to search for her.

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