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It’s not every day that instead of getting compensation for providing a service, one gets a poorly written biblical lifestyle lesson scrawled on a napkin. But for this waitress at a Cracker Barrel in South Carolina, it was just her unlucky day.

After waiting on an out-of-town couple last Thursday night, the waitress received this note from them in lieu of a tip, criticizing her for working rather than being at home with her husband.


Thank you for your excelent [sic] service today. [You’re] a good waitress.

Here’s your tip:

The womans [sic] place is in the home. [Your] place is in the home. It even says so in the Bible. You may think that [you’re] contributing to your household by coming into work, but [you’re] not. While [you’re] in here ‘working’ this is the reason your husband must see another women on his way home from a long day at his work. Because you should be takeing [sic] care of the household duties. You may think what you are doing ‘working’ is right, it is really essentially a disgrace to his manhood and to the American family. So instead of coming to your ‘job’ and looking for hand out’s to feed your family, hows [sic] about going home and cleaning your house and cooking a hot meal for your husband and children, the way [your] husband and God intended, and help make America great again. Praying for families and our nation.

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 “I felt hurt, and a bit heartbroken,” the waitress said. “It is a bit disheartening and discouraging that things like this happen at this day and age.”

The waitress said she did not wish to identify the couple, who was said to be in their mid-fifties, but added that she holds no resentment toward them and is “praying for them.”

(H/T: MS News Now)

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