UPDATE: claims that the quote attributed to Ms. Trump is false. The joke may have appeared during a Conan O’Brien late night comedy monologue in 2006. 

The Trump family has a few skeletons in its closet, like the Billy Bush tape that rocked the Trump Campaign this fall. But the comment that truly kicked off his series of scandals was the moment in 2006 when he said on a talk show that if “Ivanka wasn’t my daughter I’d probably be dating her.”

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A few days after his comments, Ivanka Trump allegedly weighed in on her father’s comment about her to the Chicago Tribune and didn’t mince words, saying “if he wasn’t my father, I would spray him with mace.” Ivanka has not commented on her alleged 2006 quote since it resurfaced yesterday morning.

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The eldest daughter of the president-elect has been under media scrutiny throughout the campaign. She’d been at her father’s side much of the time and his son-in-law is reportedly being groomed for cabinet position. She has put herself in a compromising situation at moments, sitting in on Donald’s meeting with Japanese leaders and promoting her own merchandise on a “60 Minutes” interview. But if the past is any indication, the future president will have no trouble sidestepping his daughter’s alleged 2006 claim that she would “mace him.”

Ivanka Trump’s response to her father’s comments about her in 2006 is raising some eyebrows (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
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