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A Michigan man who started his car and left it running in his driveway has gone public after getting a $128 parking ticket, he says, in under 10 minutes of leaving the car unattended in his driveway.

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Taylor Trupiano said he thought it was a joke at first.


“I thought it was some kind of joke at first, and then I was thrown back by it,” he told WXYZ. “I was really surprised.”

Trupiano posted a picture of the ticket on Facebook. Clearly, the photo has gotten a lot of attention.

“Let’s all take a moment to thank officer dipshit K. Keary for wasting the taxpayer’s money and giving me a ticket for warming up my car in my own damn driveway,” he wrote.

Roseville police Chief James Berlin didn’t take kindly to the “officer dipshit” remarks and said the police won’t tear up the ticket.

“This is purely a public safety issue,” Berlin said. “You see the disparaging comments he made about my officer? Drop dead.”


“We have five to 10 cars stolen this way every winter. It’s dangerous, and of course it drives everyone’s insurance rates up. It drives our crime rates up,” he added. “It’s common sense. We can’t warn everybody of the law there is. Common sense says you don’t leave your car running unattended.”

Trupiano has responded to the “drop dead” comment by asking people to report Chief Berlin.

“I was in and out in probably about 7-8 minutes,” Trupiano said. “So in that amount of time he ran up here, gave me a ticket and by the time I got out he was nowhere to be seen.”

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Chief Berlin told WXYZ there will be no apology and that he encouraged his officers to enforce this law.

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