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Locals in West Knox County, Tenn. are trying to figure out how crimes this gruesome could have happened in their quiet and friendly neighborhoods over Thanksgiving weekend.

A 28-year-old Louisiana man, Joel Guy Jr., has been arrested in connection with the brutal slayings of his parents Lisa and Joel Guy Sr. at their home after he had traveled from Baton Rouge to celebrate Thanksgiving with them and his three sisters.

According to USA Today, it’s believed that sometime between Friday night and the mid-day Saturday Guy Jr. attacked his parents with a knife, murdered them, dismembered their bodies and left remains in different rooms throughout the house.

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He also attempted to destroy evidence of the bodies by placing pieces in an acid-based solution, according to police. That solution was the “kind of thing you can get off the Internet,” Knox County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Michael K. MacLean said, and could be used without special knowledge of chemistry.

The acid solution was so toxic that it needed to be removed by a biohazard team.

Police were first called to the scene on Monday when a coworker of Lisa Guy checked up on her when she missed an important meeting.

It was then that the police found the horror scene.

Knox County Sheriff Jimmy Jones called the crimes “vicious” and “gruesome.”

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While police are not entirely certain of a motive, it is believed the slayings could have had something to do with a conversation about money.

Guy Jr. was unemployed and the parents may have discussed cutting off financial support.

The accused was tracked down at his Baton Rouge, La. home by Tuesday and arrested.

He has been charged with first-degree murder.

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