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On Thursday, Sam Biddle of Gawker media encouraged bullying supporters of the pro-journalism ethics movement known as #GamerGate on Twitter.

The tweets by Biddle were disgusting remarks. He advocated the shaming of “nerds” into submission, and he capped it off with a call to “Bring Back Bullying.”  

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The comments were reported to Mercedes-Benz by a supporter of #GamerGate, and received this reply: 


The following day, Biddle issued an “apology” for his remarks on Twitter, stating that he meant it as a joke and the rest of Gawker media should not be held responsible for his actions. 

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Gawker media as a whole has largely been opposed to #GamerGate since the movement was started after information surfaced about about a writer named Nathan Grayson at Gawker’s sister site Kotaku, a site focused on gaming journalism, was found to have relations with game developer Zoe Quinn, in exchange for positive press. 

Since its inception, #GamerGate has made great strides to correct the toxic atmosphere created by liberal social justice obsessed websites and journalists, including uncovering a JournoList style collusion to push a false narrative on gamers, as well as having advertisers such as Intel pull their ads from the website Gamasutra for its nasty treatment of gamers that dared speak out against its ethics. 

Due to this call for better ethics and freedom from thought police, gamers have had to deal with attacks from news outlets like MSNBC and Huffington Post, ridiculing by celebrities, and degrading statements made by people like Biddle.

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