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A mother’s note to her three children has gone viral.

According to FOX59, a Michigan mother wanted to teach her kids a lesson and wrote a note to them on an index card which she posted on the thermostat of their home.  Autumn Brandon told the station she wasn’t going to turn the heat on just yet and wrote the note for her children to learn to conserve energy after temperatures recently fell into the 30s.

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The note reads, “Unless you answer YES to all of these, DO NOT TURN ON HEAT. Are you wearing a hoodie, pants, socks? Is it November? Do you pay the gas bill?”

Brandon said she posted the note to Facebook for fun and never imagined thousands would see it and comment. She said she only wishes she would have spelled everything correctly.

“If I would have known this was going to go viral, I would have maybe typed it up or something and checked my spelling,” Brandon told FOX59.

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The photo has been shared more than 7,400 times since it was posted to Facebook on Monday.

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