Donald Trump first unveiled his 100-day-plan in Gettysburg on October 22nd and the plan that he released yesterday via YouTube was similar in some senses. The president-elect had first proposed a “term limit on members of congress,” but there was no mention of that in the video that he released yesterday. In fact, almost none of the principles and promises that he ran on were mentioned in the video.

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Trump’s common themes in his rise to power were a wall on the Mexican border, jailing his political opponent and repealing Obamacare. But he has since adjusted his ideology. In his first interview after he became president-elect, Trump mentioned that he might keep parts of Obamacare and seemed to soften on the wall, saying a “fence” might be okay in some places. It remains to be seen how his supporters, who spurred chants of “lock her up” and “build that wall” at his rallies, will respond to his change of tone. But the entertainment industry and media has certainly found some irony in his transition to political honesty — “SNL” parodied him last weekend dismissing a fictional Mike Pence’s suggestions that he follow through on his campaign promises.

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Trump said that his plan will be instituted on “day 1,” and while he stated that he intends a withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, he was silent on NATO. Trump’s attacks on NATO were a focus-point in his campaign when he stated repeatedly that other NATO nations weren’t pulling their weight. While he may continue to change his tone on some aspects, there are strong indications that he intends to rebuild infrastructure, which will likely get more support from Democrats than Republicans. Even Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist, said that he will work with Trump on infrastructure to “improve the lives of working families in this country”

More backpedaling: Donald Trump’s 100-day plan says nothing about Obamacare (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)
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