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President Barack Obama by fiscal year 2016 hopes the Navy’s Tomahawk-missile program will cease to exist.

The advanced-missile system will see its budget cut by $128 million in 2015 and will then disappear the following year. In that time frame, the Navy will lose 96 missiles and then be completely stripped of the defense weapons. The sophisticated Hellfire missiles will also be gone by 2016.

Experts on both sides of the aisle have been baffled by this latest Obama move, believing this could cause serious issues for an Armed Forces that for decades has been the largest in the world.

While the United States has other anti-defense aircraft and missiles, removing the Tomahawk and Hellfire missiles would strike a huge blow to how the Navy defends the United States.

The Pentagon does not have any missiles comparable missiles to the Tomahawk.

“It is definitely short-sighted given the value of the Tomahawk as a workhorse,” a former Pentagon staffer told The Washington Times.