After reports of an active shooter on Ohio State’s campus Monday morning, authorities have announced that no gun was involved in the attack.

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In a press conference on Monday afternoon, Ohio Police Chief Craig Stone said the attacker purposely drove over a curb near Watts Hall, hitting several pedestrians. He then proceeded to get out of the vehicle and began stabbing nearby people with a butcher knife. A police officer arrived in less than one minute, shooting and killing the suspect.

The incident injured at least ten people, with nine being in stable condition. There is no indication that any of the victims were shot, and it is unclear if the suspect had a gun.

“A suspect has been shot and reported deceased,” the university said in a statement. “Victim injuries include stab wounds, injury by motor vehicle and other injuries that are being evaluated.”

Authorities believe that the attack was planned in advance and that the attacker, who is thought to have been a student, acted alone.

“We have to consider that that’s a possibility,” Columbus Police Chief Kimberley Jacobs said during the press conference when asked if this was an act of terrorism. At this time, the attacker’s motive is unknown.

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No victims are suffering from gunshot wounds after the Ohio State attack AP Photo/John Minchillo
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