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A North Carolina eighth-grader is recovering after a school incident left him with several bruises.

Skylar Stacy, 13, who attends Archdale Trinity Middle School in Randolph County, went home with a bloody face after being bullied — and it wasn’t the first time.

“The first incident was when he poured water on my son,” Jennifer Strickland-Stacy, Skylar’s stepmother told FOX 8. “The second incident, he took my son’s cell phone. The third incident, he spit in his face and shoved him. The fourth incident is when he repeatedly smacked my son in his face.”

Jennifer claims the school called her to tell her that Skylar “fell,” but when she arrived at the school, she found that wasn’t the case.

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“I found out my son didn’t fall,” Jennifer told the station. “My son was shoved by the boy who had been bullying him. The boy shoved him face first into the pavement.”

Jennifer told FOX 8 that one particular bully has messed with her stepsson at least five times in the few weeks and just hasn’t quit. She said most of the bullying happened on the school bus. The bully was punished and banned from the bus for a few days, but later returned.

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Jennifer reported the bullying to the school as well as the Randolph County Sheriff’s Office. She said the school repeatedly told her “they would handle it.”

Randolph County Schools Superintendent Dr. Stephen Gainey sent FOX 8 this statement: “I have been made aware of the parent’s concerns. The school system currently is investigating this situation and will address it appropriately. However, I am not able to comment on any confidential information involving a student.”

Jennifer says Skylar will no longer take the bus and that she will take him to school. She’s even contemplating homeschooling Skyler.

“It’s awful to have to see his face like this, because usually he’s so happy,” Jennifer told FOX 8.

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