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In the search for a motive behind Monday’s Ohio State University attack, investigators are looking into a Facebook post written by the suspect prior to the incident.

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Abdul Razak Ali Artan, who was killed by a university police officer after he drove a vehicle into a crowd of pedestrians and then began stabbing nearby people, wrote about how he had become “sick and tired” of seeing Muslims “killed and tortured EVERYWHERE.”

“America stop interfering with other countries,” he said in the post. “We are not weak…remember that.”

Artan continued to call on the United States to “make peace” with Muslims around the world, saying that he “can’t take it anymore.”

“By Allah, we will not let you sleep unless you give peace to the Muslims. You will not celebrate or enjoy any holiday,” he threatened. “To conclude by Allah, I am willing to use a billion infidels in retribution.”

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The post followed statements Artan made to Ohio State’s student-run newspaper back in August, in which he discussed his struggles as a Muslim student at the university.

“I wanted to pray in the open, but I was scared with everything going on in the media,” he told the paper, explaining the difficulty he had with finding a place to pray on campus.

In addition to searching for a motive, authorities are also currently looking into whether the attack that injured eleven people was an act of terrorism.

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